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Offers Services in Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Pulmonology.

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Trivandrum Medical Centre offers services in orthopedics and rehabilitation, and pulmonology.

We aim to provide convenient consulting facilities which will make available safe and approved treatment protocols in these disciplines.


Our orthopedic clinic specializes in sports medicine surgery and joint replacement. We provide accurate diagnosis and opinions in these orthopedic conditions. Our consultants are attached to major city hospitals where these procedures are safely and routinely performed.

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The physiotherapy clinic in Trivandrum Medical Centre functions on all weekdays. We are experts in sports medicine rehabilitation, specializing in post-operative care to multiligamentous knee injuries and rotator cuff disorders. Most chronic pain seen today is caused by muscle weakness and imbalances around concerned joints, and our rehabilitation experts are trained to identify and correct these issues.

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The pulmonology clinic functions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Dr Vivek P, our consultant, is a prominent chest physician and intensivist in Trivandrum.

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